SIP - How to locate Registrar ?

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Re: SIP - How to locate Registrar ?

Posted:Fri 20 of Mar, 2009 (21:38 UTC)

for 99% the registrar and the proxy is implemented in the same software. (usually with a database backend which is used for the registrar to lookup the users)

When they are implemented separately, then you have to configure the proxy where it can find the registrar.

Also it is possibile to make an udp broadcast on port 5060 on the local network and find the sip device based on the answer(s).
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SIP - How to locate Registrar ?

Posted:Thu 12 of Feb, 2009 (13:10 UTC)

I need help with SIP registrar server location technique.

RFC 3261 claims that registrar can be a separate element from proxy server.
Following this, please help me to understand how SIP proxy can find registrar server ip address to forward
REGISTER messages to it ?

For example. We have domain, sip proxy is, registrar is
Proxy received this Request:

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKnashds7
To: User1 <>

So what proxy needs to do ?