SoftHangup problem

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SoftHangup problem

Posted:Mon 16 of Feb, 2009 (13:43 UTC)
Hi folks!!
I have been trying the SoftHangup application wtih the next script but it is not working at all, the idea is the channel g0 (or DAHDI/3-1) is hangup whenever it is being used ( I only have 1 channel):

exten => 911,1,ChanIsAvail(DAHDI/g0)
exten => 911,n,NoOp(${AVAILCHAN})
exten => 911,n,NoOp(${AVAILORIGCHAN})
exten => 911,n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/103)
exten => 911,n,NoOp(${DIALSTATUS})
exten => 911,n,Goto(s-${DIALSTATUS},1)
exten => s-BUSY,1,SoftHangup(DAHDI/3-1)
exten => s-BUSY,n,Hangup()
exten => s-CHANUNAVAIL,1,SoftHangup(DAHDI/3-1)
exten => s-CHANUNAVAIL,n,Hangup()
exten => s-CONGESTION,1,SoftHangup(DAHDI/3-1)
exten => s-CONGESTION,n,Hangup()
exten => s-,1,SoftHangup(DAHDI/3-1)
exten => s-,n,Hangup()

Thanks in advanced!!!