PBillX certification with Micros Fidelio / Opera

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PBillX certification with Micros Fidelio / Opera

Posted:Tue 17 of Feb, 2009 (20:37 UTC)
Dear Madame’s/Sir’s,

Please allow me to introduce the company I represent, and this is PBillX.
PBillX is a new company of which its founder saw a need for a software interface connecting Micros Fidelio and Opera with Asterisk VOIP systems.
Presently there is no such solution, and we are looking for distributors in the industry.
PBillX is very proud to announce that we have completed the Micros Inc. online certification and testing of our software.
We are now ready to move forward regarding distribution of our amazing product.

We have all features that are offered by the Micros interface:
• Check in/check out with barring/unbarring of phones, setting of caller id, setting of DND, Guest share
• Guest information change
• Guest room change
• Room status / room maid status
• Wake up calls
• Charge posting of Telephone calls
• Charge posting of Mini bar
• Sending messages to phones
• And much more

If you are interesting in being part of this, please contact us at info@pbillx.org
Have a great day!

Best regards,

Hugh Bell - CEO/PBillX

email - hugh.bell@pbillx.org
P$X Hotel Solutions for VoIP Telephone systems