Port 5060

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Re: Port 5060

Posted:Wed 04 of Mar, 2009 (18:54 UTC)
Asterisk listens on port 5060 for incoming connections. It does not make a difference if your IP-phone or softphone listens to the same port or to another portnumber (>1024). Portnumbers for communication are negotiated with SDP on an SIP-session. Asterisk will know it has to sent communications to your client on port 5060 for that specific client. Whether it is 5060 or 13487 on your client does not make a difference.
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Port 5060

Posted:Wed 18 of Feb, 2009 (03:15 UTC)
Hi there,

I am a newbie in Asterisk world and I need some help in order to make some initial test. I am running Asterisk 1.4 on Ubuntu with FreePBX. I did not have any problem installing the SW's.

I created a simple sip.conf and extensions.conf to start to test Asterisk. I installed X-Lite on Windows XP ( Ext 2000) connected to my Asterisk server ( 5060). I also have a Polycom 330 ( Ext 2001) connected also to my Asterisk Server. I could register them to Asterisk with no problem.

Now I am seeing one thing that is not correct to me and this is the assigned port for Polycom.

With SIP SHOW PEER 2000 command, I see:
Addr->IP : Port 4755
Defaddr->IP : Port 5060

With this, I understand that Asterisk is listening on port 5060 and X-Lite is listening on port 4755 and it seems OK.

However, with SIP SHOW PEER 2001, I receive this:
Addr->IP : Port 5060
Defaddr->IP : Port 5060

As you can see, both Asterisk and Polycom are trying to listen the same port and it seems wrong to me.

I really do not know if it is Ok with Polycom or if not, where I have to look at in order to change the port number. Polycom is not behind the NAT.

Thanks for your help.