PORTech UMTS Gateway/3G Gateway/IP GSM Gateway/E1 GSM Channel Bank/FWT

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PORTech UMTS Gateway/3G Gateway/IP GSM Gateway/E1 GSM Channel Bank/FWT

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Hello, guys.

I'm Vera from PORTech Communications Inc., and come here to serve everyone.
If you have any question related to our products, pls free to contact me.

http://www.portech.com.tw/eweb/PORTECH_dm.pdf--- PORTech Products list
  • You can click the product's picture to read the catalog.

PORTech is a manufacturer in Taiwan with 30 years history
PORTech has been doing VoIP GSM Terminal for over 6 years.
  • All the components was made in Taiwan except GSM module.
  • All of our devices have one year global warranty, and we provide online support for the customer.
  • All of our devices have FCC, CE certification (No problem with Europe and American market)

PORTech offer
PORTech major:
1 channels E1 /T1 GSM Channel Bank
8/16/24/31 VoIP GSM Channel Bank (build in VoIP CARD)
1/2/4/8 ports VoIP GSM Gateway ,VoIP UMTS Gateway, VoIP CDMA Gateway
1/4/8 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals(Follow Me GSM Gateway)
2 ports GSM VoIP PCI Card (Asterisk GSM Card)
Skype GSM Gateway
Smart Power Monitor,IP Power Switch /PSTN Power Switch(4 Ports /8 ports)-Remote power manage by PSTN and WEB

Worldwide use ( 2G-850/900/1800/1900 MHz ,3G compatible with all world and Japan,CDMA 2000)

Quad Band:900/1800/1900/850MHZ
CDMA 2000(800MHZ)
3G/UMTS:EDGE/GPRS 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz / HSDPA/UMTS 850, 1900, 2100 MHz
DuMV@PCI: 2 ports GSM/VoIP PCI Card

DuMV@PCI: 2 ports GSM/VoIP PCI Card is Full function (both GSM and VoIP) on board , SIP based and compatible with Asterisk. It can enable to make 2 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM/CDMA/UMTS networks and GSM/CDMA/UMTS network to IP phone.
Beside Voice,2 ports GSM/VoIP PCI Card support SMS sending and SMS receiving on web directly . Also allows your program Send/receive SMS with all GSM AT Command .
• Antenna : 1
• SIM Card Hot swapping
• Individual route table- LAN --> MOBILE and MOBILE --> LAN
o Support one stage dialing
o You can dial any GSM destination number via the sim from lan phone directly.
o Support free mode (two stage dialing) and assigned mode (one stage dialing)
• Voice response for setting and status(dial in from mobile).
• Standard SIP(RFC2543,RFC3261) protocol,communicates with other gateway or PC
• Receive SMS and Send SMS On web directly
• Allows your program Send/receive SMS with all GSM AT Command
• Full function on board and can be set on web.
VoIP GSM Gateway/IP UMTS Gateway/IP 3G Gateway/Mobile VoIP
MV-370:1 port
MV-372:2 ports
MV-374:4 ports
MV-378:8 ports
call termination (VoIP to Mobile ) and origination (Mobile to VoIP)
Support Asterisk,Trixbox,SIP Proxy Server,VoipBuster

DMT-V: VoIP GSM Channel Bank
DMT and DMT-V both can combine GSM and CDMA in one device.
Digital Mobile Trunk (DMT) accepts incoming call from E1/T1 PRI of PSTN or
PBX (or VoIP) and chooses one GSM/CDMA/UMTS channel to dial out according to the prefix of the
destination mobile number. In this way, we can have least cost routing.
DMT can provide Call Detail Record (CDR) for traffic and accounting management.
• ISDN PRI interface: 1 port (or VoIP Card)
• GSM/CDMA/UMTS interface: 31 ports
• Optional external SCE-900: Expands SIM card upto 32 pieces per GSM/CDMA/UMTS channel.
• Optional external SCBox: Expands SIM card upto 4 pieces per GSM/CDMA/UMTS channel.
• each E1/VoIP channel will connect to the corresponding output GSM/CDMA/UMTS Port.
• Auto-routing for the same network: system will search for the GSM/CDMA/UMTS port of the same network to dial out, according to the prefix of the out-dialing number from the incoming E1/VoIP channel.
• Password validation: operator has to input the correct password for further setup of the system parameters.
• Hiding the CLID: user can choose whether to hide the CLID of the GSM/CDMA/UMTS port or not.
• Calling time: user can assign the calling time for each sheet of the SIM card. When the time runs out, system will block this GSM/CDMA/UMTS port, or switch to next unused SIM card (in the case that SCE is installed).
• Call detail record (CDR): the CDR is provided for further use of the billing system.
• Backup of CDR: user can set up the path of CDR backup. Simulate ring back tone: user can set up whether to simulate ring back tone or not.
• SCE test: system can auto-test the SIM card switching function to ensure the successful switchover without letting the SIM card be used repeatedly.
• ASR statistics: system will provide a time-varying ASR analyzing report for easy understanding the communication traffic.
• PRI(or VoIP) to GSM/CDMA/UMTS,GSM/CDMA/UMTS to PRI(or VoIP) (two ways).
• VoIP Application: Gateway's E1/T1 port connects DMT's E1/T1 port.
• If you want to connect extra Outdoor directional antenna or Yigi antenna,you can purchase option Antenna Combiner(AC-32)
• If your control room is usually no body there,you can consider our smart power monitor.
It can remote power on/off, reboot via PSTN or WEB.

MT-350:1 port
MT-350S:SMS Version,1 port
MT-354:4 ports
MT-358:8 ports
Cost saving effect- Make call from fixed lines (PBX or PSTN) to GSM networks and From GSM network to fixed lines), and enables up to 4/8 simultaneous calls to/from GSM networks.
1.FXS,FXO,GSM interface.
2.Dial plan (GSM Prefix No.Setting (50 sets))
3.Auto-select economic route ( LCR )
4.Only 1 (MT-354) or 2(MT-358) antennas
5.Polarity reversing function
6.Follow me-Call-transfer feature (GSM TO PSTN,PSTN TO GSM)
An incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify GSM no.
- GSM to PSTN:
1. GSM in PSTN out, give you a prompt "du" and you can enter any
destination number
2.An incoming call of GSM will be transferred to specify PSTN no.
SkyTrunk ST-1004: Skype gsm gateway
connect 4 port skype to PBX and Skype,FXS,FXO,GSM conversion.
SkyTrunk ST-2004: Skype gateway
Connect 4 port skype to PBX and Skype,FXS conversion.
SkyTrunk ST-3004: Skype gateway
Connect 4 port skype to PBX and Skype,FXS,FXO conversion.
SkyServer: Skype gateway (Build in PC)
Connect 4 port Skype to PBX and Skype,FXS conversion.

More detail http://www.portech.com.tw
Or contact me via e-mail