newbie question – asterisk using landline?

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newbie question – asterisk using landline?

Posted:Mon 09 of Mar, 2009 (22:24 UTC)
Hi everyone! I searched the forums, but I'm unsure what terminology to use, so here's a new post, please forgive me if it's answered somewhere else.

I'm wondering if it's possible to use Asterisk (on an xserve) to dial out on a regular old land line (analog)? I'm taking a trip to Guatemala where cell phone reception is scarce, but wifi might be available, allowing me to use my VOIP-enabled iPhone. Is there a way to connect the regular land line up to the xserve to allow me to VOIP into the xserve and the land line to dial out to my family? It would save tons of money otherwise spent on cell phones and stuff.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much. And if it's a repost/already answered somewhere please just provide the link, I'm happy enough reading it.