1 PRI Gateway, multiple PBX's

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1 PRI Gateway, multiple PBX's

Posted:Wed 11 of Mar, 2009 (15:01 UTC)
I've read until I'm blue in the face. I've played with it but just can't seem to find the right combination's. Everyone says it's so easy but it's one of those things which is NOT easy, until you've done it and it all sinks in.

I need to make one machine my PRI gateway so that my other trixbox machines can use the gateway for it's PRI lines. There aren't many PRI lines used at the same time, perhaps 5/6 at most but I do have a full PRI.
I'd like to figure out what I need to do in order to get these systems to talk together so that this can work.

In addition, I need to have FAX to email/Email to fax on each trixbox. I would be happy to pay someone to handhold me because I'm rather tired of being told how easy it is in the forums and spending insane amounts of time failing :).

Much appreciated.