Aster Operator – VoIP control panel for Asterisk

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Aster Operator – VoIP control panel for Asterisk

Posted:Mon 16 of Mar, 2009 (11:47 UTC)
Aster Operator ( offers you VoIP control panel for Asterisk.

Basically, the product Aster Operator allows to receive and transfer calls to operator stations using well-arranged user interface. The operator can use integrated VoIP station or any other type of station supported by Asterisk switchboard. Furthermore, the operator can store additional information about callers that is shown during his next call. The product adds a user management to the Asterisk, so stations are assigned to real-named employees of the company. In this product the whole organization structure can be defined and consequently shown to the operator. Therefore, the call transfer within the company organization structure is simple and vivid.

This product is intended for call operators (e.g. helpdesk, marketing, customer service), personal assistants or call-center of any other purpose in small, medium or large company. An advantage for small companies is the available price. Larger companies can appreciate a multi-user operation. That includes sharing of operator's call queues, sharing of information about callers and sharing of custom groups of people inside the company.

Our product is an application for PC and it is running on the operating systems Microsoft Windows. The product is using VoIP PBX (private branch phone exchange) Asterisk. In addition, Aster Operator allows to get contacts from LDAP or from Microsoft Outlook.

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