Aastra 53i won't dial outbound

Joined: Tue 17 of Mar, 2009

Aastra 53i won't dial outbound

Posted:Tue 17 of Mar, 2009 (19:58 UTC)
I'm new to Asterisk, but have lots of programming experience, and a fair bit of server setup experience, too. I've got Asterisk running on Mac OS X 10.5.6 v1.1 and it's working great for inbound calls (both from a DID from DIDforSale as well as via a local PSTN line connected to a MultiVoIP MVP210. I can dial everything just fine using several different softphone programs, but these Aastra 53is have me stumped. They receive calls fine, but if I try to dial anything (internal extension or outside line), they immediately display "Call Failed." I've been guessing the problem is the "Local Dial Plan" setting on the phones, as I don't see any mention of a problem logged on the server, but I've tried everything I can think of and it makes no difference.

I've setup two-digit extension numbers (the Aastra phones are at extensions 11 and 22, the softphones have used extension 33), voicemail is on #98, and, of course, 7 and 10 digit outbound dialing. I've tied "X+", "XX|#XX|XXXXXXX", etc. to no avail.

The phones are on the same local subnet as the server, connected to the same switch, so there's no NAT involved. The phones get a dynamic IP via DHCP, but I do not have any SRV records on my internal DNS. Asterisk sees the phones fine (obviously, since they can receive calls).

I managed to stumble through setting up the MVP210 (*THAT* was a real challenge, but I finally got it), but I'm at my wits' end trying to get these 53is to dial out.

Any tips at all would be immensely appreciated.