I need help with outbound calls

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Re: I need help with outbound calls

Posted:Wed 01 of Apr, 2009 (11:32 UTC)
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I need help with outbound calls

Posted:Tue 17 of Mar, 2009 (23:46 UTC)
Good morning!

Sorry my English is not very good. I have a problem and took time to find solutions, but not the meeting.

I have Asterisk with the GUI-version Revision: SVN-r2546 + branches_asterisknow.

I managed to do that when you call the switchboard, voice menu appears, depending on the extension that puts the caller is directed to an extension or another. What we do not get is that when you press a particular extension will automatically call a number of the PSTN network.

Asterisk in the GUI not have the section 'outbound calls' or anything like that, the only thing I see displayed is calling rules

I can help please.

Thank you very much everybody.