Full Range of 4 to 72 Ports VoIP GSM Gateways

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Full Range of 4 to 72 Ports VoIP GSM Gateways

Posted:Thu 19 of Mar, 2009 (10:03 UTC)
Looking for VoIP GSM Gateways? Hypermedia Systems has a range of high quality, professional VoIP to GSM Gateways with Least Cost Routing (LCR) for effective gsm traffic termination.

Advanced, smart all-in-one solution.

See: VoIP GSM GATEWAY- [url=http://www.hyperms.com/products/products-by-series/hg-4000/voip-gsm-gateway-hg-4000.aspx
GSM GATEWAYS RANGE - url=http://www.hyperms.com/products/gsm-gateways.aspx

• Available 3U chasis - 4 to 12 GSM channel versions or 6U chasis - 4,8,12... to 72 GSM channel versions.
• Up to 288 SIM cards, with remote SIM cards re-charging.
• Traffic can be received by by E1/T1-PRI or embedded VoIP interfaces.
• Web-based Management – hardware configuration, online port status and call statistics.
• Fast connection times (very short PDD)
• Redundant power supply – ready
• 24 months warranty

For further information please contact:
Matti Broza
Hypermedia Systems Ltd.
Tel: +972-8-9363077
Fax: +972-8-9363066