ContactQ problems

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Re: ContactQ problems

Posted:Tue 14 of Apr, 2009 (13:33 UTC)
Are the agents set to have ACD application in their setup?
Have you added the agents to the queues?
have you logged the agents in?
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ContactQ problems

Posted:Tue 24 of Mar, 2009 (15:10 UTC)
Ok Ive been playing with this PBX, very well made, just I am running in to problems and there wiki is not the greatest, I have set up some queues, I have two X-lite soft phones logged on and available to the queues. Dialling into the queue, none of the X-lite phones ring and it shows on the contactq gui no calls are being presented to the phones even though the softphones are logged in fine. Am I missing something ? Also how do you contact other agents, dialling the 4 digit agent number does not do any thing.

The set up for the network is
ADSL 4port router
contactqserver connected directly in to the router, Desktop with X-lite connected directly into the router and one Laptop connected via the wireless.