Receiving Faxes over a PRI card

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Receiving Faxes over a PRI card

Posted:Tue 24 of Mar, 2009 (22:28 UTC)
Hi everyone!

It's my job to set up a fax server which receives faxes over a PRI E1 line and saves them into a predefined directory. Asterisk is installed and I know some basics from several howto's. My problem is the faxing part. I know how to send a fax, but that's unfortunately all knowledge I have. The Internet is full of information about how to set up asterisk with faxing faxing features in many different ways and that exactly is something I have difficulties with. Honestly I don't know which setup I should pick out to read more about: Is it the IAXmodem + HylaFax setup I am looking for? Should I give patching asterisk with SpanDSP a try? Are there other things I can do to make this work? Many fax-howto's I've red end after the installation of the faxing modules, but do not explain how I am supposed to configure this. This job doesn't sound complex at all: Storing all incoming faxes into a dir. No FoIP. No sending. No Fax2Mail or Mail2Fax. Can someone help me out? I appreciate your help.

Debian 5.0 (Lenny) 2.6.26
Card: Digium TE121

cheers, pava