Asterisk guru's rule....

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Asterisk guru's rule....

Posted:Tue 24 of Mar, 2009 (22:58 UTC)
Thanks so much Matt for putting in the effort to start an environment like this. You really help a overworked IT guy out...i hope.

We have an existing telephone system (happens to be a server based Altigen telephone system if it matters), tied via T1/PRI to an Asterisk box #2. It sits between that existing Altigen system and our main Asterisk PBX.

We are looking for the ability to pass through all outbound calls from the existing PBX extensions straight through the "Altigen#2 bypass system as we call it" and directly out via IAX trunk on the other side through the Main Asterisk box to the PSTN. We also want calls destined for the existing extensions on the Altigen PBX to pass freely through the Main Altigen system coming in on the telco PRI, into the next Asterisk#2 via IAX trunk, then back across another PRI tie to the Altigen.

looking like this as a setup AltigenPBX---(T1/PRI)---Asterisk#2 bypass---(IAX)---Main Asterisk PBX---(T1/PRI)---AT&T

We have the PRI's and the IAX working and cannot figure out the code for directing the calls appropiately. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks dudes and let me know if I can return any favors.