Top GSM channel Bank

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Re: Top GSM channel Bank

Posted:Sun 13 of Sep, 2009 (11:30 UTC)

I want to sell:

Topex MultiAccess Gateway


-30 GSM channels simulltan calls with 4 sim slots for each channels.
-Wavecom Module 900-1800 (change IMEI it's avalabile)
-2 E1 Voip
-Support. Sip and H323
- transcoding

Include Splitters and antenna.

Offer three month support.

Price 4800 Euro

Best regards,
Nuta Andrei

ID messenger : nutaandrei
Please contact me at :
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Re: Top GSM channel Bank

Posted:Fri 27 of Mar, 2009 (13:59 UTC)
My name is Adrian Mihailov, Research Manager at Topex.

I think that the best GSM gateway should be a combination of price,quality, support and customer orientation.

In this field Topex is the leader. We are offering the best quality/price ratio with our gateways and SIM Server solutions.

The quality of our products comes from the components used, mainly the radio modules. Clients want good audio quality and this can only be delivered by using radio modules from well established producers. Topex gateways are built using SierraWireless(Canada),Wavecom(France) and Siemens(Germany) modules. Those modules don't come with the lowest prices, but they offer the quality needed in a GSM Gateway. Other manufacturers offer low prices by using low quality chinese modules.

Also the features and support for the equipment is very important. A GSM gateway is useless if you don't receive proper support for operating it. Our R&D and support engineers are very skilled, being involved in numerous projects and developments regarding GSM Gateways, SIM Server solutions, NGN solutions and Air Traffic Control systems. Other cheap competitors obtain low prices for their products by ignoring these aspects, offering products that lack adequate support and bug fixing.

Our prices are not the lowest but not the biggest also.We are offering the most competitive prices for the features and quality of our products.We are also very customer oriented. We're not just selling boxes, we are working with the customer to integrate our solutions into his network.
In the case discussed in this topic, Topex can deliver a complete solution, integrating GSM Gateways, SIM Server and Softswitch.

For additional information please contact us at or visit our webpage :
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Re: Top GSM channel Bank

Posted:Wed 25 of Mar, 2009 (20:53 UTC)
To be fair, I sell TELES products so my opinion will be TELES-centric but an educated customer is the best customer and TELES is not for everyone.

When considering the purchase of GSM/VoIP termination products, the important separation between manufactures should not be price point alone but rather quality of product and features, support and scalability.

I will admit that TELES is expensive when purchasing less than 100 GSM/VoIP channels or purchasing with out the TELES.vGATE SIM Server. However, with the vGATE, the features for SIM recharging, balance checking, and management exceed every product you have mentioned above. The other key point is "scalability". Above 100 channels, you will run into routing issues and it is important that you consider how you will manage multiple gateways in presumably different countries with different IP tariffs. As far as I know, TELES has the only single point of entry MGC solution.

My best suggestion and is something I cant stress enough is to schedule a web-demo with as many manufactures as possible and know exactly what level of support you will be provided with before you purchase anything.

Hope this helps a bit...

Billy Chase
Sales Consultant
New World Brands Inc.
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Top GSM channel Bank

Posted:Wed 25 of Mar, 2009 (05:56 UTC)
Can anyone can rate what is the best GSM channel bank in the market now.

These are the brand that I have come across.

Orion / Valiant

So far, this is my view

1) Teles and Vierling are great but comes with a price US$20K and above
2) Eurotech (cheap and good) US$8.5K
3) Orion Valiant - US$4.5K (dirt cheap but sucks on features. Have to be very careful removing the antenna in and out, the connector tends to break after long periods)
4) Portech (same price as Eurotech but runs on windows have lots of features, again, what happens when the windows crashes. hard to trrust windows)
5) Acecom - US$2.8K per 16 channel (Cheap and good) This brand which was bought from Acecom Networks is unknown. It is stackable 16 channel E1 to 32 channels box with GUI interface and some good features. So far no complains.

Anyone has any opinion, please post your views.