Why TELES? GSM/VoIP+SIM Server package

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Re: Why TELES? GSM/VoIP+SIM Server package

Posted:Fri 28 of Jan, 2011 (15:05 UTC)
It's an important note to make that the iGate is not FCC certified and is not legal to deploy in the United States.
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Why TELES? GSM/VoIP+SIM Server package

Posted:Wed 25 of Mar, 2009 (20:31 UTC)
TELES USA proudly offers sales and support for the TELES line of Class4/5 Switching and Mobile products.

The TELES advantage:
-TELES AG is one of Europe's premiere telecom software engineering groups
-TELES AG has been developing and deploying CARRIER-GRADE mobile VoIP gateways, SIM servers and NGN Class4/5 solutions for over 10 years
-TELES AG designs all software "in-house", no 3rd party applications means seamless integration and functionality
-TELES USA offers professional services and support via multiple NOC's and engineers with over 2+ years experience managing production TELES networks
-TELES USA offers re-certification of aftermarket TELES products allowing for service/support and IOS updates
-TELES USA offers quarterly training seminars and on-site training/installation for North and Latin America
-Schedule a WEB-DEMO today to see firsthand what separates TELES from the competition

Please contact me directly for special pricing on the carrier-grade TELES.iGATE (GSM/VoIP Gateway) and TELES.vGATE (SIM Server) "starter package".

"Starter" package includes the following:
1x vGATE SIM Server w/complete 14.0 IOS hosted on redundant SUN Netra
1x vGATE SIM Unit with 120 SIM's, expandable up to 600 SIM's
2x iGATE-8 (8 channel GSM/VoIP Gateway): 4,16 and 32 channels available
1x 1-Year Support/Service Package includes basic provisioning and access to multiple NOC's for quick trouble ticket response

vGATE-SIM Server Features:
  • All software loaded on only one server!
  • Automatic calculation of remaining call time based on credit query via USSD and SMS
  • Recharge of pre-paid SIMs through USSD, SMS or DTMF
  • Support for multiple rates per mobile network
  • Automatic call generation
  • Automatic SMS generation
  • Flexible scripting interface
  • Dynamic replacement of blocked SIM cards
  • Automatic CDR collection
  • Self-provisioning of new installed iGATEs
  • Extensive statistics and reports
  • Graphical display of SIM routes
  • Alarm messages via e-mail
  • IMEI/IMSI management

iGATE- GSM/VoIP Gateway features:
  • Full vGATE SIM Server support
  • BTS management
  • Alert /busy tone detection
  • Announcement recognition
  • E-mail to SMS conversion
  • QoS routing: automatic blocking of GSM ports based on ASR, announcements or network errors

Best regards,

Billy Chase
Sales Consultant
New World Brands Inc.
+1.541.868.2923 Office+1.541.954.1578 Mobile+1.541.302.3064 FaxeMAIL: bill.chase@nwbnetworks.com
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