What is the function?

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Re: What is the function?

Posted:Wed 01 of Apr, 2009 (19:29 UTC)
It seems that the function "PlayDTMF" only plays a DTMF. If you want to call a phone number, you have to use the "Dial" function.
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What is the function?

Posted:Fri 27 of Mar, 2009 (20:10 UTC)

Please I need your help...

Play DTMF signal on a specific channel ... so.... Can PLayDTMF call a number?... I want to explain that if you call is responding by a IVR and it says "Press 1 to speak with Software Deparment" and I want to press "1", so PlayDTMF return success if I mark 1 and sent the call to "1" ? I confused... please help me o say me what function I can use to do it...