Sending notification on delivery from Queue

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Sending notification on delivery from Queue

Posted:Wed 08 of Apr, 2009 (01:44 UTC)
Running asterisk 1.4.21.
A calls comes into a Queue set to 'ringall' a bunch of agents:

Started music on hold, class 'default', on Zap/30-1
-- SIP/agent1-01acf210 is ringing
-- SIP/agent2-01bd1e80 is ringing
-- SIP/agent3-01b3e4d0 is ringing
-- SIP/agent1-01acf210 answered Zap/30-1

At this point the inbound call is routed to SIP/agent1.

I would like, at this point, to send some IM messages to SIP/agent1,
however, I am not sure where I am able to do this?

Basically, when the queue code decides to whom to deliver a call
I want to send a few IMs to that person too.