Asking your Valuable informations

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Re: Asking your Valuable informations

Posted:Wed 15 of Apr, 2009 (06:08 UTC)
HI Zuhri,

Are you going to use a GSM number as a local access number? If yes.
You need a GSM to VoIP gateway(SIP) or GSM Fixed wireless terminal. If you can use GSM to VoIP gateway the task will be simple. If you going to use GSM Fixed wireless terminal, You have to connect this Fixed wireless terminal with analog FXO gateway (SIP). Normally GSM gateways and Fixed wireless terminal are bit expensive:(

If you can use a land phone connection you can save a lot of money. because these days you can buy a single port FXO gateway(SIP) around $100.

You can use the Asterisk for Prepaid billing and call routing. Asterisk is a Free software! also you need a server for running Asterisk:)

I hope this will help you.

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Asking your Valuable informations

Posted:Wed 08 of Apr, 2009 (08:07 UTC)
Hi friends.
Im Zuhri from Sri new to this Voip world.but I want to start a voip business.i have some voip accounts at some voip providers,currently im using this account for my personal calls.I hv got an idea to do same thing as a business.Now i really need your help.this is my requirement, I want my customers to make calls to my mobile no and through VoIP GSM Gateway i could be able to route those calls to any destination that customer requires through internet.i have broad band at home.
finally i need a way to control their destination no ,call duration, and billing details etc.can you kindly clearify me,how it can be there any gsm voip gateway availabe.what are the softwares and hardwares i need to buy.and give some advice how to start this voip service at home.because this is my long term dream,ie to setup my own voip waiting for your help eagerly....

Thank you very much....