Asterisk Call Queueback

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Asterisk Call Queueback

Posted:Thu 09 of Apr, 2009 (08:51 UTC)
I came accross this script here at Voip Info, and was wondering if anyone had sucessfully got the script to work:

I have setup the MYSQL database, and have added the custom extentions, and custom queues in the correct files, but am having issues with getting the script to write to the MySQL database.

My understanding is that a queue's context should point towards "set-callback", which asks the caller to enter their phone number, after pressing 9. I enter the phone number, press 1 to confirm, and the asterisk lady says goodbye. I then go into the database, and find that no information has been added.

It seems like the only way to get the phone number into the database is to change the queue's context setting to "ext-queues-custom" and hit 1 whislt in the queue. This disconnects the call straight away, but appears to add the phone number into the database.

I'd really like to get this working, but I seem to have hit a dead end.

Any help would be appreciated.