TOPEX Special price for GSM Gateway and SIM Server Solution

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TOPEX Special price for GSM Gateway and SIM Server Solution

Posted:Mon 04 of May, 2009 (12:32 UTC)
TOPEX is announcing a new promotional offer for its GSM Gateway and SIM Server Solution valid from April 1 until May 15.

It is known that telephony cost reduction represents one of the most challenging tasks in a large company.
Market research shows that for many enterprises almost 50 percent from the call costs comes from the mobile calls routed through the landline.
Connecting TOPEX VoiBridge to your existing PBX ( IP or ISDN) you can make significant cost reduction by converting cost-expensive fixed to mobile calls into cost-efficient mobile to mobile.

TOPEX VoiBridge can be used as standalone equipment in case of a single site deployment or together with SIM Server solution for larger
companies with several branches.

TOPEX SIM Server solution provides an important advantage through the management and allocation of SIM
cards from the central location.

VoiBridge main features:
4 GSM channels (WAVECOM - Quad Band modules)
VoIP or 2E1(in & out)
SIP & H.323 protocols
Least Cost Routing mechanism
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
CDR generation
Web Interface operation and administration
Asterisk PBX Server Integration

SIM Server main features:
Advanced Human Behavior Emulation
Up to 512 SIM cards per SIM Box
Central storage of SIM cards - SIM Box
Virtual allocation of SIM cards
Avoid expensive on-site trips for SIM cards replacement
Group based management of SIM cards and GSM modules

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