Voip Router Recommendations....

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Re: Voip Router Recommendations....

Posted:Sun 13 of Sep, 2009 (21:12 UTC)
Ideally, it is best to only have an Internet Modem that does not have a built-in Router. Then supply your own Router.

In my case, I have allocation of 2 dynamic IP address from my ISP through their Modem only (no router in Modem).
I then have a 5-port switch connected to the Modem output.

Then, on port-1 of switch I have a Linksys SPA2102-NA VoIP ATA with built-in NAT Router and QOS.
I have another SPA2102-NA connected to Port-2 of the switch.
I then have another Linksys WRT-54G router behind the SPA2102-NA. Then my PC's

I like using the SPA2102-NA's as the network routers because they automatically open all required SIP and RTP ports required - even for devices connected to it on my local network. It also enforces QOS. For example, my softphones on my PC behind the SPA2102-NA will work fine without having to do any extra port forwarding. However, any VoIP devices behind the WRT-54G router do require that the WRT54G be configured to properly port-forward or port-trigger SIP and RTP ports for any voip devices behind it.

If you don't want to use an SPA2102-NA after the Modem, then the WRT-54G can work fine. It is just a matter of configuring for Port Forwarding or Port Triggering on the necessary SIP and RTP ports. Then, ALL your IP-Phones behind the configured router should have access to the necessary ports. You shouldn't need to use DMZ.

If you have no choice but to use the ISP supplied Modem/Router combo, then you need the ISP supplied Modem/Router User Manual to explain how to set it for Port-Forwarding or Port Triggering on SIP and RTP ports. Once your Router is configured for Forwarding or Triggering of necessary ports, you should be able to connect as many IP-Phones as you like behind the router without any further fuss.

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Voip Router Recommendations....

Posted:Fri 22 of May, 2009 (09:48 UTC)

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I have recently opened a hosted VOIP Centrex account to support 19 VOIP IP Handsets, we are using a BT Provided BT 2700 HGV ADSL Modem/Router which is not up to doing the job adequately for VOIP telephony.

I have two routers which I'm considering: the Zyxel P-662HW or Draytek 2820n. also considering options from Intertex or Cisco - if anyone is able to vouch and suggest a recommended model.

From my experiance of installing the Linksys spa942 which im using and from contact with Gradwell.net-our voip provider, ideally the handset should be outside of company firewall or if used within nat, then specific ports such as :

UDP 5060/61 SIP COMMUNICATIONS (plus custom ports)
UDP 10000-20000 RTP,RTCP,VOICE

I cant see how it is possible to configure common ports for each ip handset-without placing all ip handsets in some kind of demilitarised zone. most router that i've used or read about normally limite the number of devices to place in a DMZ.

any help would be much appreciated.

also for note, currently the ip phones are sharing the internet with the pcs used for email/internet- i know this should be seperated to avoid broadcast problems, i was thinking of implementing VLANs to get around this while I am able to order a dedicated internet line for VOIP.

thanks in advance!