integrating CTI to java application

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integrating CTI to java application

Posted:Sat 23 of May, 2009 (06:37 UTC)
Hi there,
I am integrating CTI functionality to my java application and using Asterisk as PBX.
I need some advices as to whether I am in the right track.
• Asterisk server is configured and working fine.
• I have a generic sip hard phone
• I have X-lite soft phone installed.

To provide for CTI functionality, I am utilizing the asterisk manager API, I designed a java application that can do the following:
• Agent login
• Originate call
• Hang up
• Transfer call
• Record on server

Is this the right approach, or I should do it differently, please advice?
Also, when I receive a call to my hard phone, naturally, I have to pick up the phone, I am wondering how to programmatically answer the call and it playing sound on pc speaker or speaker phone.

If there are API’s for phones kindly guide me.

Thanks in advance