Trixbox + Cisco 7945G Phones

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Re: Trixbox + Cisco 7945G Phones

Posted:Tue 03 of Apr, 2012 (14:25 UTC)
try to downgrade to firmware cmterm-7945_7965-sip.8-4-3 i had the same problem and i finaly got it fixed the downgrade the firmware ..
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Trixbox + Cisco 7945G Phones

Posted:Wed 17 of Jun, 2009 (17:12 UTC)
I know there are other posts on this topic, but none with any definitive information at this point. I wanted to start a new thread with hopes of finding a known solution for our current need and sharing that out.

We are running Trixbox v2.6.2.2 and have been unable to get 7945G's working. We've gotten only so far as to have the phone register and pull date/time. There is much online about the struggles and I'm convinced it’s simply a matter of finding the right firmware + config file combination. Wondering if anyone has any experience getting the 7945G's to work with Trixbox and if so any information at all would be a huge help. I'd be willing to post any more info if that would help out - keeping the first post more generic.

Trixbox: Kernel Version 2.6.18-92.1.18.el5 (SMP)
Asterisk 1.4.22-3 RPM

Issue: phone is able to talk with the tftp server (e.g. judging by its ability to synch time, obtain an extension, etc), but the next to the line1 button where the extension is displayed, there continues to be a little red “x”, which in our experience means that the phone is still not fully/properly registered.