IP4000 for Sale Cheap

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Re: IP4000 for Sale Cheap

Posted:Mon 01 of Feb, 2010 (07:54 UTC)
hey is this still up now?
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Re: IP4000 for Sale Cheap

Posted:Fri 03 of Jul, 2009 (07:43 UTC)
hmmm it is indeed cheap.

a friend of mine is interested of buying one.. i'll let her know about this
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IP4000 for Sale Cheap

Posted:Thu 25 of Jun, 2009 (01:57 UTC)
Hi All,

Anyone interested in buying an IP4000 with extended mics (x2) for $900 AUD?

It has been used but only as a test phone, the company went with another brand.

Please email me on IPsystem.Syd@gmail.com if you're interested.