Seeking FreeSWITCH Resources / Services

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Re: Seeking FreeSWITCH Resources / Services

Posted:Tue 24 of Nov, 2009 (10:17 UTC)
still on going now?
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Seeking FreeSWITCH Resources / Services

Posted:Fri 26 of Jun, 2009 (15:29 UTC)
We are looking for assistance in a FreeSWITCH integration effort into an existing messaging platform (currently using Asterisk). If there are any interested senior developers / architects, we would be very interested in hearing about some of your past projects, skills, and expertise. Ultimately, we hope to build a wrapper around the FreeSWITCH API that will allow us to segment telephony from the application business logic — if anyone has already done this, we would love to hear from you as well!