connected phone on ATA186 is only ringing within austria :)

Joined: Wed 01 of Jul, 2009

connected phone on ATA186 is only ringing within austria :)

Posted:Wed 01 of Jul, 2009 (05:00 UTC)
hi there!

i know it sounds strange.

i have an trixbox with ata186 as ata, recently i notified that calls coming from different locations (tested with germany) except the country
where i am live (austria) in are not ringing on the phone. (tested with 3 different ata186)

the routing is fine, calls arriving my pbx and are passed to the ata186 - i can see here also in the log history the call
but the phone is not ringing! - calls within the country are working fine.. - the phone is simply
notifying an incoming call while ringing.

so does someone know what the reason for that could be?

btw: when i see on the pbx-log an call should arrive my phone (while its not ringing) and pick up the receiver i´ll be connected.
means: the notification is not working for incoming calls from abroad. (tested here from germany to austria)

btw2: if i use an sip-client the notification as expected is working fine! (probably also other phones except my cisco ata186) - is it an config issue?

any ideas??? many thanks!