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e-mail alert

Posted:Mon 06 of Jul, 2009 (18:20 UTC)

first of all, please be gentle with my english i'm a french guy and there are some words that i'm not sure i'm using it correctly so i'll try to be as simple a as possible!

So i'm actually a user (and administrator since few months...) of the company's asterisk.

I think we use the version 1.4 of asterisk, and my is that i need to send e-mail alert to an extern e-mail adress but this mail never arrive in my mail box. If i configure the voicemail.conf to send the e-mail to an internal adress, I receive the mail without any problem.

Another weird thing is that if i try to send an email with the asterisk server with telnet command, to an external adress or an internal adress everything is working fine.

So I'm missing something and I don't know what...Do you have an idea?