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Help Please

Posted:Sat 18 of Jul, 2009 (21:14 UTC)
Ok, so I need some advice from the professionals. I have a client that is looking for a new phone system. I have convinced myself and them, that Asterisk is the best solution for their budget, and it is reliable enough for production environment. Now, I have a very long IT technical background in about everything Telephony, Windows, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya... everything that is except for Asterisk and Linux.

With that being said, which product should I use to pull this installation off.

1. Switchvox
2. Trixbox
3. Elastix
4. VoIPTelecaster
5. Intutiave Voice, Evolution

Now, my client has a central distribution center with 30 phones and about 15 remote locations that will need phones.

Any help would be great !!