Call Parking and Caller ID

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Call Parking and Caller ID

Posted:Sat 25 of Jul, 2009 (02:37 UTC)
I have one touch Call Parking working with a bunch of Aastra 9143i's. When a call comes I am using PHP/AGI exclusively to handle the IVR. The caller navigates the menus appropriately and either reaches an extension directly or is ultimately picked up after being in a calling queue.

My problem is that when a call is parked by an employee (it's working just fine), and another employee or the same employee, calls that parked extension back the Caller ID on display is the parked extension. So calling extension 701, shows 701 on the Aastra's even though it was +1ZXXXXXXXXX that is actually on the other end.

Is there any way for me to somehow preserve the Caller ID of the original call being parked?