Adding extensions

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Re: Adding extensions

Posted:Tue 24 of Nov, 2009 (10:13 UTC)
have the same problem with my system too... would appreciate it much if someone can give an answer....
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Adding extensions

Posted:Sun 02 of Aug, 2009 (19:28 UTC)
I have been working with asterisk for 3 years now. 1.6 is a BIG bummer and I want to switch over to FreeSwitch. I installed it on my CentOS box a month ago. For the past few weeks I had been doing research on how to add extensions and get it to work. I cannot understand any of the documentation because none of it is clear. When I looked at the FreeSWITCH version of the "CLI" it was telling me that I have the "domain" field empty or something like that. This is just very complicated. If someone can guide me I would appreciate it.