Controlled Conference Call

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Controlled Conference Call

Posted:Tue 04 of Aug, 2009 (04:04 UTC)
Hello everyone. I have not developed with Asterisk since 2004 and I am working on a new project. I need some direction though. I am looking for the appropriate functions to control who can hear who in a conference. For example:

John is a new sales representative and is being trained by Bill. John is going to make a sales call while Bill listens on and gives him pointers. Join and Bill join a conference call, from there they establish a connection to their customer, Frank, who also joins the conference call. I need Bill to be able to talk to John (give him pointers, while he is live with Frank) but without Frank hearing Bill. Only John should hear Bill.

I seem to recall doing this in a past Asterisk project, but I can't find any of my notes or code.

Any help would be appreciated!