Two phones and one number

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Re: Two phones and one number

Posted:Mon 17 of Aug, 2009 (13:38 UTC)
Have you considered ring groups with ringall-prim?

Other than that, I can't be of help.
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Two phones and one number

Posted:Mon 10 of Aug, 2009 (21:33 UTC)

We have a company that everyone have two phones, one handheld (Polycom 5040) and one stationery (Snom 320). Today every employer have a one queue, that haves both phones in it. The problem is when the user are talking in one phone, he dosent want the other phone to call, if some body else are calling in.
This is the opposit to queues :)
Are there any better solutions? We are useing Asterisk 1.4 at the moment.

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