[NEWB] Setting up an Asterisk PBX

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Re: [NEWB] Setting up an Asterisk PBX

Posted:Mon 17 of Aug, 2009 (13:29 UTC)
No additional hardware required if you are using Nokia e71 as a VoIP adapter.You will need to setup your extension with nat=yes and in an sip_nat.conf, you'll need to provide a DynDNS domain name (or any service with dynamically-updated IP address and a client) for "fromdomain," set the nat to yes, and provide your localnet, such as

|# Example:

(Note: to prevent the # to turn into a numbered list, I used a vertical bar to make the # stay as-is. Just remove the | when implementing the code into the sip_nat.conf file.

Here's the website for DynDNS: www.dyndns.org

Then, you should be able to connect remotely by using a domain name. I'm not sure if I'm explaining right, but I hope this helps.
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[NEWB] Setting up an Asterisk PBX

Posted:Sat 15 of Aug, 2009 (19:00 UTC)

I recently purchased a Nokie e71. For those of your not familiar with it, this phone has VOIP capabilities over wifi.
(see setup here: http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/feature-voip-with-nokia-e71-how-to-2008095/)

Here is what I'm trying to do:
Have a computer at home connected to my landline and the internet.
Have my e71 connect to any wifi hotspot, tunnel through the internet, and my computer, and make and receive calls through my landline.

The problem:
I finally installed TrixBox on my computer.

From reading some more, I've discovered that I'm missing some hardware.

Apparently I need a SIP adapter or some sort.

Why can't I use a pci fax modem that connects to the landline?