want to resale looking for phone usage stats

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Re: want to resale looking for phone usage stats

Posted:Sun 13 of Sep, 2009 (19:26 UTC)
Those kinds of stats are typically sold by research companies for a hefty price.
Doing your own research is key to starting any VoIP business.
If you look at what other VoIP service providers charge, you will see that it all depends on the specifics of the features and free calling minutes provided.
To make it more difficult, residential services requires that you have access to wholesale VoIP adapters. Then you have to preconfigure each one for each client. Then you have to be their customer service rep for when their VoIP adapters don't work, or they get poor call quality. You have to factor in the cost of the ATA's into what your charge for the VoIP service. You need a VoIP carrier that can provide you with rock-bottom wholesale prices so that you can re-sell at a reasonable mark-up and still be competative with the competition.
Not an easy task...
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want to resale looking for phone usage stats

Posted:Thu 27 of Aug, 2009 (07:26 UTC)
I would like to resale VOIP services. I have 40 clients ready to sign-up as a start, (possibility of 2 more 80 more if all goes well) but I would like more information on typical residential local, long distance and international phone usage so I can set my plan prices. could anyone please let me know where I could find this information or inform me if you have the answer.

Also if you have a reseller plan I am interested in a hosted service. I live in edmonton alberta, canada. Please ensure that you can provide a did for this area or willing to accept other providers did's prior to offering your service.