Low cost Asterisk voice card

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Low cost Asterisk voice card

Posted:Wed 09 of Sep, 2009 (02:46 UTC)

Greetings from Shenzhen(Hongkong) PingMar Technology Co., ltd.

We are one of the biggest Asterisk voice card provider in China. We provide 4ports, 8ports, 12ports whole series of various interface asterisk analog card, 4port/2port/1port E1/T1/J1 digital card and GSM 1~4 ports broad cards. The call quality as excellent as Digium and 5 years warranty.

Hot applications of Asterisk voice card(use with asterisk/trixbox/Elastix);
  • * * Asterisk IPPBX * * * Call waiting, Call transferred * * * conference call, Telephone records * * * auto dialer
  • * * established voice mail system for the whole enterprise * * * to create your own calling card business
  • * * caller ID /busy tone detection * * * suitable for SOHO PBX, VoiceMail and IVR

Advantage: Analog card is suitable for various asterisk systems, convenient to set up and support the local loop, Digital card suitable for voip operation, setting up call center system, support SS7 and ISDN PRI signaling, GSM card provides scalable connectivity to GSM networks for your Linux machine.

More models and introductions, please go our website http://www.pingmar.com/index.asp?BigClassName=Products%20for%20trade, or call us directly at(+852)37589399-819.