Low cost SIP/IAX2 IP phone PH217,support L2TP VPN FROM WUCHUAN NETWORK

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Low cost SIP/IAX2 IP phone PH217,support L2TP VPN FROM WUCHUAN NETWORK

Posted:Wed 16 of Sep, 2009 (07:42 UTC)
Hello fellows,

I'm Sophia from Wuchuan Network (Shenzhen) Ltd. The following Info is about our new product ---SIP VoIP Phone PH217, which supports L2TP VPN, has high cost-performance and is designed simple and easy for enterprise and home users.

Here are detail info about our PH217:

Support Protocol:

SIP (RFC3261, RFC2543)
Support IAX2 protocol
Support codec: G.711A/u, G.722,G.723 high/low, G.729 A/B
Support G.168 echo cancellation standard, compliant 96ms echo cancellation with speaker mode
Support voice volume adjustment, including IN/OUT of handset and speaker
Support Jitter Buffer, VAD, CNG, SIP, Domain name register, point-to-point Call
Support RTP and RTCP
Support the Inbound/Outbound transmission; SIP info, DTMF Relay, RFC2833
Support many countries' standard ring
Support NAT: Support STUN, CITRON, AVS Mode
Support SIP domain, SIP Authentication (none, basic, MD5), Domain Name parse
Support two SIP server synchronously, including Pubic Server/ Private server, can make a call by any proxy. You can back-up and select any above SIP server.
Support SIP application, including SIP Call forward/transfer/holding/conference/pickup/redial/unredial/joincall

Network Features:

Support PPPoE for xDSL, and support auto redial when disconnect
Support DHCP Client for WAN
Support DHCP server for LAN
Support DNS relay for LAN and provide DNS service for LAN Network equipment
Support DNS domain name resolution in WAN port
Support router and switch function in LAN port
Support SNTP Client to get time from internet
Support advanced DSP tech to ensure high quality voice
Support advanced jitter buffer tech to prevent the info package delaying and losing
Support network tool: ping, trace route, telnet client
Support three modes to configure WAN port IP, they are: static, DHCP, and PPPoE
Support NAPT
Provide firewall for small LAN
Provide optional priority level for small LAN
Support second layer QoS (802.1p)
Support VLAN
Support VPN (L2TP)

Special and Advanced Function:

Caller ID display, ban calling out, avoid-disturb setting, auto-answering, auto dial while picking up the telephone, quick dial;
Call waiting, call transfer, three ways call, and multi-dial forward
Setting the black list and limit numbers
Support point to point call
Setting the ended number methods
Setting the ended number add, delete and substitution
Setting the fixed calling ways
Support phone number with name and number
Support Silence Suppression, VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
Support CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
Support Echo Suppression and AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Support DIGEST validate and MD5/MD5-sess encapsulation
Support remote auto configuration and edition auto-upgrade.

Management and maintainence

Support safe mode and update via saft mode
Support configuration via web, keypad, http, telnet; support the user IP address filtering limits
Support update software and configuration files through HTTP, FTP, TFTP
Support syslog
Support set up a number of authorities and user name, password; support reverse Telnet through NAT / firewall machine for remote management

If you are interested in our products or our company, pls contact us without hesitation.
Thank you and look forward to your voice !

Sophia Zhong

Wuchuan Network Tech. Co.,Ltd

Web: www.5111soft.com
Tel: 86-755-36873159
Mobile: 86-13430591320
email: sophia@5111soft.com
MSN: Sophia_zhong_2007@hotmail.com

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