Newbie questions: replacing Avaya ACS

Joined: Sun 20 of Sep, 2009

Newbie questions: replacing Avaya ACS

Posted:Sun 20 of Sep, 2009 (17:33 UTC)
I'm looking to replace an Avaya ACS with something like Asterisk. No voicemail, etc. the only interesting thing about it is that it's somehow integrated with an intercom.

The business is a non-profit and has been spending allot of money keeping this Avaya running, and they don't need new features off the bat, but would definitely take advantage of voicemail, unified messaging, etc. down the road; but for now we just want to get the Avaya out and replace it with something we can service in-house.

I'm a programmer and comfortable with Linux, and I've worked around some VOIP systems but I don't know allot about these systems so I'm not even sure what questions to ask. I'd like to leave the existing handsets in place as well as the inbound telephone lines (two I believe), just swap out the Avaya.

Any help or pointers are appreciated. I'm reading up on the subject now but in this case time is of the essence, they've been quoted $1700.00 to replace a card in the Avaya and will be going ahead with this soon if I don't find a better solution.