Re-writing caller ID


Re: Re-writing caller ID

Posted:Wed 23 of Sep, 2009 (08:20 UTC)
SIP Express router or Kamailio would be good choices. Asterisk is could also do it, but since its more of a PBX model, it has a lot more unneeded overhead for this kind of function.
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Re-writing caller ID

Posted:Tue 22 of Sep, 2009 (03:23 UTC)
Hi, I have a Cisco AS5300 facing the TDM which serves as a number translator (rewriting the caller ID into something). The problem is — Cisco has a finite limit on the number of translations that can be done on the AS5300 (approx. 128-300). I was thinking of moving the number translation function into a separate box. What systems do you recommend for this function? Can SIP Express Router or Asterisk do this?