Multiple Incoming call

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Re: Multiple Incoming call

Posted:Sun 27 of Sep, 2009 (12:53 UTC)
Hi night fall,
maybe this will help you?
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Multiple Incoming call

Posted:Fri 25 of Sep, 2009 (15:47 UTC)
Hi, I have the latest trixbox version with asterisk on and would like to know something that I have not found searching on google.

I want to setup something that can answer multiple calls at the same time and send caller into a digital receptionist.

I will use Voip for doing this because it cost less for a small business than a regular analog phone line.

The question is: can I use only one voip line for redirecting calls in the digital receptionist ?
I mean if I have 7 caller at the same time, and they call the same phone number. Should I need to buy 7 lines for answering all the calls or I can do it just with one line.

Thanks a lot