android sipdroid wifi

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Re: android sipdroid wifi

Posted:Mon 05 of Oct, 2009 (13:29 UTC)
Manage to find a few providers that offer free US calls but what I would like is to change "caller ID" to my google voice number none so far that I know of can do this. Again I would be willing to pay ~100$ a year fora good sip that has this feature.
Joined: Thu 01 of Oct, 2009

android sipdroid wifi

Posted:Thu 01 of Oct, 2009 (20:50 UTC)
I have a 500 min account and plan to give that to my wife what I want is a SIP provider that has a rate like skye or close to it
  • android 1.5 rooted G1
  • all calls need to go over wifi or sipdroid ( DATA not VOICE calls ... )
  • I dont care about incomming so much but it would be nice to bind it to my google voice account I have..
  • I need 1000min a month max US for yearly flat rate ( skype is like 50$ a year ... I can't find anything call me stupid .. )
  • ai was looking at iSkoot but it looks like as lame as skypelite .. "iSkoot directs your call via a local access number- not the data connection, so you will be charged for VOICE CALLING "

basically I want to use my home wifi to make calls with my G1 ...

thanks a bnuch rmccurdy.com
is this not even possible ?