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Posted:Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 (10:14 UTC)
Hi @ all,
thereĊ› a thing I don get right.

I have an Asterisk 1.4 running with some snom320-phones. I have setup DID and a little IVR for callers without a DID-number. If the caller presses "2", she is connected to phone 2219. So far everything is OK:

Since there are other phones near that 2219 in the same office, but they should not ring because of the noise. I programmed a F-key on thede phones with BLF-function to pick-up 2219. This works too. But if someone comes to 2219 via the IVR (pressing "2"), the BLF doesn work. I can program a F-key to pickup the phone (*82), but it would be nicer to have BLF too.

Is there a way to get a hint out to my phones if someone dials "2" in the IVR?