AGI, Sphinx, speech recognition (mobile phone <-> server)

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AGI, Sphinx, speech recognition (mobile phone <-> server)

Posted:Sun 18 of Oct, 2009 (13:20 UTC)
Hello :-)!

I'd like to 1) call special number (or run special application) on mobile phone, 2) have speech recognition on server (unfortunately Win, not Linux). I've got three questions.

I read "Asterisk AGI" article. 1 - Do "receive text" and "set variable - speech recognize" allow me to use speech recognition with Sphinx? 2 - Is enabling speech recognition simply installing Asterisk on server and running EAGI script on it? And nothing to be done on mobile phone (or do I need special application on mobile)?

"Asterisk AGI php" article. 3 - Info passed by Asterisk is "agi_channel - the originating channel (your phone)". Why does Asterisk pass "phone" if it is run on server, not on phone?

Greetings :-)!

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