Cisco 7970/7940 phone question

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Cisco 7970/7940 phone question

Posted:Sun 18 of Oct, 2009 (22:02 UTC)
I've just spent the last couple hours reading and searching google but can't find the answers to these:

Using the phone with SIP firmware...

1. Does the Cisco 7970 (and or 7940/7960) have some way of showing the caller ID's name (e.g. John Smith) for incoming calls?

2. Can you set different ringtones dependant on the incoming caller ID?

3. Does it record call history e.g. missed calls, calls received, dialled calls etc?

Looking at buying one for use at my home office (no PBX - just a single phone) - connected directly through a SIP provider. Currently using a Grandstream GXP2000 - want something of better quality.