Issue with Asterisk/Cisco 7941 and 7911

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Issue with Asterisk/Cisco 7941 and 7911

Posted:Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 (23:07 UTC)
Hi there, well I'm pretty new in this, I'll try to be clear...

I've got Asterisk up and running, softphones (Ekiga, X-Lite, ...) are working just fine... The problem is with physical phones, I'm trying to configure a 7941 and a 7911, using FW SIPx1.8-2-1S on both, it was "kinda" working, it does register, and can make calls, but mic's not working, i mean, it receives but it can't transmit.

I've been since last thursday with this, however today i can't even update/replace the SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml file... I've tried with more than 1 computer, different OS, different tftps servers and it just doesn't do it...

I thought it was a FW issue, so i re-flashed it. It did flash, but the issue continues... Now (since i can't upload SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml) it's in a permanent Unprovisioned status, this happens in bot phones.

The files are there, TFTPD32's log says it did upload them, but the system just won't "use" them, I know they work cuz it's the exact same file i used last saturday....

Any ideas why this is happening???

Thanks in advance