Be sure 911 is Supported To Your VOIP

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Re: Be sure 911 is Supported To Your VOIP

Posted:Thu 22 of Oct, 2009 (11:40 UTC)
911 or E911 should be supported to you VoIP service. That seems good. For Your Information AXVoice don't provide any E911 or 911 emergency service. So, before purchasing any VoIP phone service, read the review of the service.
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Be sure 911 is Supported To Your VOIP

Posted:Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 (13:56 UTC)
All Internet Phone services providers are supposed to be setup so that they support 911 (or E-911) services in case of

emergency. Normally you see, with a traditional phone line, if you call 911, they can tell where you are calling from. But

this same ability does not exist with a VOIP phone, so you need to register your VOIP phone with the service so that if you

call 911 from your VOIP phone, the emergency responders will know where to go.