radius billing questions

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radius billing questions

Posted:Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 (19:06 UTC)

Currently I'm writing voip billing system for unix and I get stuck on. I really cannot find useful information. There are questions that I can't find an answer both in internet and in RFC. It will be nice to hear an answers from people who have done something like that. I implemented radius protocol and implemented radius authorization, currently there are questions with accounting. At this moment I do all the tests with mvts.

1. MVTS sends accounting start message to radius server just after authorization and before the call actually established. changing acct_leg_type actually doesn't help, mvts starting to send 2 accounting start messages in the same time. So I don't see any possibility to calculate actual call duration. Is it mvts configuration issue or I'm doing something wrong?

2. RFC says that accounting messages cannot contain Called-Station-Id(30) attribute, but actually MVTS sends it in every packet. Should I use it or no? I am not sure that other switches will do the same. If no, how can I get destination number? How can I join authorization message (which contains Called-Station-Id) and accounting message?

3. MVTS sends not enough data in messages, for example there is no Acct-Terminate-Cause attribute (and lot of others that can be useful). Is it configurable in MVTS?

Thanks o lot to everybody who will spend his time to help me in this.