Voip Test Set (Handheld)

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Re: Voip Test Set (Handheld)

Posted:Wed 04 of Nov, 2009 (21:54 UTC)
Snom makes a wireless phone that is 900mhz (I thinks) that would work really well for what you are doing. It is the Snom M3 VoIP DECT phone.
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Voip Test Set (Handheld)

Posted:Tue 27 of Oct, 2009 (14:34 UTC)
Does anyone know of a 'handheld' voip phone (or similar Network Analyzer) for use in a Lab environment?
I'm looking for 'portablility',
I'm tired of carrying a voip phone around (too many dangling cables), and the laptop (for similar reasons).

What I'm looking for is a, handheld, Battery operated (not plug-in or POE), Voip Phone that I can easily carry
to my customer location, plug into an ethernet port, and test DHCP and Registration to the Sip Server, and
possibly (though not necessarily) place a call.
preferrably, low cost (i.e. not a Fluke)