Elastix project for A2billing 1.4.0 and

Joined: Thu 19 of Nov, 2009

Elastix project for A2billing 1.4.0 and

Posted:Thu 19 of Nov, 2009 (16:02 UTC)
We are looking for a good programmer to help us with our current needs.
A pregrammer farmiliar with Elastix and A2billing is prefered

We need the following
1. Use Elastix (Asterisk) for our switch.

2. Enable A2billing 1.4.0 for billing/create customizable reports create subscribers. etc

3.Enable the same server to host multiple web sies.I.e uk.example.com and us.example.com on same server.And tie to a2billing 1.4.0 Agent modules for agent websites and commission calculation.

4. Enable clustering as we are to deploy two servers with one running as backup in case the primary goes down.

We are starting an offer at $250.
interested party contact. wsvcoy@hotmail.com