FS: Ebox 2300 - for VOIP appliance

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FS: Ebox 2300 - for VOIP appliance

Posted:Thu 26 of Nov, 2009 (18:19 UTC)
Hello All,

For Sale: One Ebox 2300 & power supply & 4GB SD card. Build your own VOIP micro appliance. This unit is vesa compliant. IE: Will mount to the back of any vesa compliant monitor( Most any flat back, flat panel monitor.) Very low time on this unit. Approximately 20hours or less. This was my experimentation unit. It works great for my setup of 10 sip devices doing 5 concurrent calls( simulated) on lan . This is the setup we are currently using in our house now. the unit will be guaranteed against DOA. Build your own variant of whatever VOIP distro you like on this unit. Be like Elvis! Do it "your own way"!.
$75 firm + shipping.
Thanks for looking.

Take Care,